Selfie Advance Booking Day 3

Selfie, starring Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi, is doing well at the box office. The movie Selfie has done well on its first day at the box office. On its first day, a Selfie movie can rake in 7 crore. Let us take a look at the Selfie advance sales report for the second day today.

For the second consecutive day, Selfie movie has received a gross advance of Rs. 69.01 lakh with 33858 tickets sold out at present. Selfie is receiving positive reviews from critics and public. Thus, the film might achieve a net box office of 32 crore over the weekend.

Selfie Advance Booking Day 3, See Selfiee Day 3 Advance Booking Report

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Selfiee third Day Advance Booking Gross

LanguageGrossTickets SoldATP
All India4761551 [47.62 Lac]27709

Selfiee, the directorial debut of Raj Mehta, has failed to meet audience expectations after Jug Jugg Jeeyo and Good Newwz. The film tells the story of superstar Vijay Kumar, played by Akshay, and his affair with RTO inspector Om Prakash Aggarwal, played by Emraan Hashmi, in the lead roles. The film is based on the Malayalam film Driving License, which was released in 2019 but was a disaster. Diana Penty and Nushrratt Bharuccha also play the lead roles in this movie.

The movie Selfiee is about a fan and a superstar competing against each other. RTO examiner Om Prakash Agarwal, who works in Bhopal, is a great admirer of film star Vijay and goes out of his way to meet him, if only to take a selfie. He watches all of Vijay’s films and worships him like a god. Om Prakash and his son Gappu went to Bhopal to meet Vijay and take a selfie with him when he was shooting a film there.

For this, Vijay Kumar needs a driver’s license, which Om Prakash can easily get, but there is a twist. He wants to take a photo with his superstar, but because of a small misunderstanding they get into a fight. In the media, there is a constant battle between fans and superstars. Will the selfie go to Emraan Hashmi?

The plot and music, also known as remixes, also failed to captivate the audience. The plot is extremely straightforward and disastrous. Selfiee is characterized by penetrating jokes, cheap humor and satire that keeps falling back on itself. The comedy was entertaining at times, but soon became tiresome. The biggest shortcoming of the film is that Akshay and Emraan do not even try to make it bearable. The slow motion sequences of the film drag on while ” The Storm in a Teacup” unfolds.

Moreover, Akshay has the same look as in earlier films. Yes, Emraan has taken on a variety of roles in recent films. Moreover, he has given an admirable performance. When Abhimanyu Singh turns into a villain and appears on the screen, the faces of the audience light up. As for the female leads, neither Om Prakash’s wife Minty (Nushrratt Bharuccha) nor Vijay Kumar’s partner Diana Penty had much to do in this film. They were given even less screen time. Mrunal Thakur is undoubtedly the most popular selfie character.

Selfiee (Hindi) third Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Mumbai3.55 Lac5%49002
National Capital
Region (NCR)
9.72 Lac6%6851912
Pune1.28 Lac4%15410
Bengaluru1.07 Lac8%220124
Hyderabad11.54 Lac20%165158
Kolkata1.34 Lac6%13480
Ahmedabad47.14 K4%21800
Chennai3.34 Lac28%5524
Surat18.32 K2%11100
Jaipur45.27 K6%13206
Chandigarh17.49 K2%5200
Bhopal4.91 K16%6894
Lucknow27.3 K1%14700
Kanpur15.62 K10%4040
Nagpur20.89 K1%5000
Vadodara40.46 K5%12200
Ludhiana70.6 K8%3120
Agra3.56 K10%2600
Nashik8.96 K3%3000
Rajkot7.02 K2%2500
Indore49.56 K9%8760
Raipur59.5 K3%4500
Bhubaneswar16.45 K1%3100
Aurangabad7.8 K2%2100
Ranchi3.61 K0%1800
Guwahati22.88 K3%2800
Gwalior2.4 K10%3340
Jodhpur1.63 K2%1400
Dehradun5.77 K2%2800
Jalandhar4.94 K3%2000
Kota7.35 K0%2700
Gandhinagar2.8 K0%3800
Bhavnagar20.09 K0%3100
Jamnagar2.04 K0%1600

About Selfiee Movie

The fact that Selfiee does not try to be more than it is makes it appealing. The fact that it does not even try is bad.

An intriguing premise provides an opportunity to discuss the fleeting nature of fame, its importance in the age of social media, the nature of real fame, media manipulation, the dangers of petty egos, and whether Big Bad Bollywood is really that big or that bad. However, the film does not really let its larger-than-life protagonist Akshay Kumar take center stage.

Rather, Akshay dedicates the film to “fans” in an on-camera appearance at the beginning. And though audiences have shown their appreciation for the film industry’s faith in them by recently helping Pathaan to unprecedented success, Selfiee is as unkind to its little man as it is to its big man.

Selfiee, a remake of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Malayalam film Driving License, features superstar Vijay Kumar (played by Akshay Kumar) and one of his most ardent admirers, Om Prakash Aggarwal (played by Emraan Hashmi). Vijay travels to Bhopal for a film shoot and then to the RTO because he needs a new driver’s license for the final scene. This also leads him to Om, who seems to be the only RTO inspector in Bhopal.

A third angle comes from an actor who started out with Vijay but is now a nobody, appearing in commercials for things like groin scratch cream and other products. Hoping to “bring Vijay down to my level,” he turns to a tarot card reader named Kusha Kapila. Meghna Malik is illegally used as a businesswoman to get her 15 minutes of fame wherever she can.

Vijay humiliates Om in front of his colleagues and son, both of whom worship Om, due to a miscommunication. And Om vows retribution.
Om, the epitome of a good man and family man, makes decisions that are unpredictable for Selfiee, as is the pressure that Vijay, the typical starlet and aspiring parent, is under. Therefore, it will be interesting to see where the two will push their egos. Both Akshay’s impatient snapping and Hashmi’s helpless admiration are effective to a certain extent.
Vijay and Om are reduced to children who need to be properly shaken up as the film progresses, and the fights become ridiculously petty.

But then Selfiee comes after at least two incidents where celebrities were harassed and almost assaulted by fans who wanted to take pictures with them. Who says we have matured in a world where the selfie is an instant selfie?

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